About This Project

Magic show with involving the public for the holiday season, christmas trees (retirement houses event), city hall events or private parties.
Shows last fom 30 minutes up to an hour according to you needs,wishes, and budget. Claude wil make you discover the world of magic with poetry and humour.
All shows are personalizes, we decide together the show more suited for your event
Laughter, pyrotechnical tricks, scarves tricks, mentalism, medium and great illusions for the finale. Shows are both interactive and musical.

HYPNOSIS : Sleep ! I want it !…
And all fall into a deep sleep under Claude’s command.
Discover the fantastic world of HYPNOSIS
Particulary spectacular program. All interested spectator/guest may participate in the show/experiments. After some mock tests, the hypnosis session begins and the show is right before your eyes.
An unforgettable prestation where « the Laughter and Fantastic make Good Household »

Prepare to live and incredible and memorable evening full of experiences.
If you do not believe in the supernatural where objects move or fly by themselves, pay great attention… Because this evening, Claude will make you howl in fear… and laughter !
Good atmosphere guaranteed!