« Close up » during cocktails or receptions :
From group to group, according to the arrival of guests, I stroll around performing miracles before their eyes !

« Close up » during dinner :
From table to table, I present interactive magic tricks, full of comedy and visual illusions, featuring cards,coins and scarves but also items borrowed from guests.


« Close Up » while I roam the aisles around your stand, stopping visitors before redirecting them to your stand with my magic tricks.>br/>
If you have enough space, I can also install a small podium and offer short stage shows that will create a crowd around your booth, therefore facilitating the meeting with future prospectors.

Using magic tricks bearing the image of your company, I put your business under the spotlights. My experience in Communication and my know-how in magic allow me to adapt my prestidigitation skills to both Your needs and requirements and those of your clients.