It's crazy, it's been 50 years that I am passionate about magic, so that I could have been born with a magic wand in his hands.
There have been great men, but to me there are also Robert Houdin, Harry Houdini for older but let's not forget Gérard Majax (a big "magic" thank you to him for his TV shows), and Garcimore his derisive humor, Dany Larry David Copperfield and his "mega illusions" Siegfried and Roy, David Blaine, and I could cite many yet so there. In any case, rather devouring passion led me in 1995 to the seasons in the markets with magic stand that had the slogan "Become a Magician in 5 minutes," which, needless to say, not necessarily liked all the magicians.
Share my passion by learning easy and automatic lathes other became as obvious to me.

This is how, in 1998, I opened my store "Magic Passion", and there, my happiness was at its height, I could live my passion and share it with both insiders with beginners. This allowed me to do wonderful meeting and I want to thank Philippe, Thierry Laurent, Jean-Pierre, Louis, Thierry Joachim, Roman, Jacques, Jeremy (I apologize to those I n ' have not mentioned, but I have to say that there too many of you) with whom I shared unforgettable moments of happiness in this small shop hidden in a quiet street in the 12th district of Paris.

In 2002, the shows always taking me more time and energy, I dedicate myself only to magic performances and decided to say goodbye with regret my little corner of paradise ... The "Magic Passion" spirit exists always in my heart and it is not said that one day ... I opened another store ...

See you soon and wish you to live the magic in your everyday life.